We stock Cemintels full new range of products that look amazing on the outside facade of your next home, duplex, granny flat or commercial factory.


Some of the new facades available are as follows:


1. Designer series

2. ExpressWall TM

3. BareStone TM

4. Cemintel Mosaic TM

5. Headland and Endeavour Weatherboards

6. Scarborough Weatherboads

7. RendaLine TM

8. Cemintel Edge Cladding TM

9. Cemintel Aspect Cladding TM

10. Softline TM


Please look at the following link for further assistance on styles and installation guides




Please contact our office on 9708 4399 for further assistance and pricing or come to our show room for samples.



Cemintel Designer Series

Cemintel ExpressWall TM

Cemintel BareStone TM

Cemintel Mosaic TM

Cemintel Headland Weatherboard

Cemintel Scarborough Weatherboads

Cemintel RendaLine TM

Cemintel Edge Cladding TM

Cemintel Aspect Cladding TM