We supply Hebel which is made by CSR and is 100 percent manufactured in Australia.


Its a perfect product which reduces the cost of building and reduces greenhouse emissions when compared to brick.


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Hebel Power Panels

Hebel PowerPanelXL masonry system is lightweight, very strong and solid. External walls are made from thick, steel reinforced aerated concrete panels affixed to timber or steel framing, so you have an incredibly robust construction. And it looks fantastic because you choose the finish – colours, textures, patterns and features – over PowerPanelXL’s clean and unbroken lines. It’s surprisingly affordable too.


Construction time is incredibly fast. You can install one panel in the time it takes to lay 75 standard bricks. And you can easily cut panels onsite. Waste is minimised. Your walls go up much quicker and your new home or renovation is built faster.


Add in termite resistance, great thermal benefits, noise reduction, high fire resistance and sustainability and you can see PowerPanelXL really is the better way to build.


Hebel is available in blocks and panels of different sizes for load bearing and non load-bearing construction.


Hebel catalogue:


Hebel Power Panel 2400x600x75mm


Hebel Power Panel 2700x600x75mm


Hebel Power Panel 2850x600x75mm (cutable)


Hebel Power Panel 3000x600x75mm


Hebel Power Floor Panel 1800x600x75mm


Hebel Anti Corrosion Paint Protection 500ml


Hebel Adhesive 20Kg


Galvanised Top Hats 15x15x50x15x15mm  x 3.6 metre length


Galvanised Top Hats 20x35x50x35x20mm  x 3.6 metre length


Vespol Polyproof Damcourse 300mm x 30m


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