Insulclad Panel

The Insulclad Rendered Wall System is available in either Pre-Mesh or Core Panel alternatives.


Pre-Mesh is supplied with the reinforced fiberglass mesh and special base coat render already applied to the standard Core Panels.


Your selection of either of these alternatives will slightly vary your method of installation. You should consult with our office on which of these alternatives suits you.


 Core Panel


Pre-Mesh Panel




 R Values
ThicknessCore PanelPre-Mesh Panel
50mm expanded polystyrene1.81.8
75mm expanded polystyrene2.52.5
100mm expanded polystyrene33
Grades availableS, M & HM


*R Values are applicable for M grade panel in Cavity System. Custom thicknesses available, minimum orders apply.




2500 X 1200    (50MM, 75MM, 100MM)


5000 X 1200    (50MM, 75MM, 100MM)


Here is further link to assist in the product installation and finishing:




Please call our office for a quote on 9708 4300 



Fixings and Accessories

Sizes for panel fixings will depend on the Insulclad system and panel thickness you have selected. Choose your screw lengths from the chart. Washers are required on every fixing.


Panel Fixings
All screws must be AS 3566 Corrosion Class 3 minimum or Class 4 in severe Marine environments
Insulclad SystemPanel ThicknessTimber Frame
Wood Screws
Steel Frame
Steel Screws
Self Drilling
Washer Diameter
Direct Fixed50mm75mm75mm40mm
Cavity System
(25mm Cavity)



  steel screws self drilling



 plastic fixing washer

PVC Edge Trims

Our range of reinforcing edge trims manufactured using UV stabilised PVC are to be used in accordance with the Construction Drawings found in Technical Details.

Specific profiles and sizes of trims are selected based on the system and panel thickness you have chosen. All profiles are supplied in a standard 3m length. Check the PVC Trims guide to find out what goes where.


      15° Window Sill Trim
  • Window Sill Trim with 15° angle
  • Available in 60mm, 75mm & 100mm

      Bottom Edge Starter Channel
  • Capping for panel edges at base of wall on 50mm and 75mm Cavity System
  • Available in 75mm & 100mm
  • Other sizes available

      External Corner Bead
  • Used on all external corners
  • One size suits all

      Reveal L Bead
  • Window/Door Reveals, Expansion Joints, starter capping on Direct Fixed System
  • Available in 50mm, 75mm & 100mm