Cedar Select Finishing Timber 

We stock a large range of cedar timber. We stock a extensive range of architectural internal and external cedar lining boards, weatherboards, and mouldings. 


Please look at the following catelogue which we base our range on supplied by Tilling Timber. 




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Cedar Shingles and Shakes

We stock a large range of Cedar shingles which are 450mm long and vary in width.


1. Blue Label (smooth finish premium grade 1) used for roofing and covers 2.3 m2 at 140mm exposure.


2. Red label (smooth finish standard grade 2) used for walls and covers 3.72 m2 at 215mm exposure.


3. Skakes are hand split and re sawn - 600mm nominal length, 12 to 19mm thick at the butt end - various lengths. Bundle covers 1.33 m2 at 190 mm exposure.


Please look at our installation guide for assistance:





Feel free to call our office on 02 9708 4300 for a competitive quote.

Cedar blue label shingle

Red label wall cedar shingle

Cedar shingles bundle packs

Cedar Shakes